Learn How To Write A Powerful Personal Essay With Nicole Breit

Your Story Is In The Shape Workshop

Saturday, March 16, 2024
10 am PT to 11:30 am PT

Approach vulnerable material
(minus the overwhelm)

Take a deep dive into the lyric essay

Write a panel essay in three parts
(i.e. a triptych)

(a replay will be available if you cannot attend live)

Ready to discover how experimenting with short-form creative nonfiction can help you approach vulnerable material (minus the overwhelm)??

Only $47

(a replay will be available if you cannot attend live)

In this 90 minute workshop, you’ll learn:

  • How experimenting with form and structure can help unlock your stories
  • What a lyric essay is and how this form empowered me to tell hard stories, transformed my writing and launched my career.
  • How to write a powerful three-part lyric essay inspired by Monet Patrice Thomas’ “The Unfaithful Triptych.” 
  • Why shifting POV (yes, even in CNF!) can help writers manage personal material AND tell a captivating story.
  • The answers to your questions about writing and publishing experimental short-form memoir.

At the end of our writing session, we’ll have time for questions and sharing.

Who is this CNF writing workshop for?

New and experienced creative nonfiction writers who want to:


  • Experiment with new ways to shape their experiences into well-crafted stories
  • Set aside dedicated time to re-ignite their creativity in a guided writing session
  • Discover how form and craft can help them safely explore vulnerable material
  • Learn 2 different approaches to writing 3 variations of the triptych essay
  • Explore how shifting POV can empower them to tell their stories

Hi! I’m Nicole…

Award-winning author and writing coach whose mission is to help busy writers craft their best work and share it with the world faster than they dreamed possible. 

In my experience, career breakthroughs follow creative breakthroughs… and big breakthroughs happen when writers get playful with form and craft.

Many of the discoveries I’m sharing in this workshop I learned by writing and teaching experimental short-form memoir. My courses are all about bending and blending genre and pushing the boundaries of form. They have helped countless writers place in contests and celebrate their first publication credits.

I hope this workshop helps you find creative ways to shape your memories into powerful essays editors, publishers and readers will love!


After taking this workshop I’m so inspired and excited — the queer Asian American in me who has been wanting to tell real stories about my life but wasn’t sure how to is saying yes, yes, yes! Even just in the first 20 minutes of your talk, I’ve come up with multiple ideas I’m curious to play with.
~ Joy

If you’re ready to shape your experiences into well-crafted stories…


(a replay will be available if you cannot attend live)