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Grab a copy of the Honour Your Grief Workbook today and get started!

It is entirely possible to nurture a gentle and effective grieving process.

You can:
  • Discover a healing experience that helps you feel less alone.
  • Find healthy ways to honour your loss (instead of denying, ignoring, or suppressing your grief).
  • Learn a way to move forward that always makes you feel connected to your loved one.
  • Feel empowered as you write a new story for a happy and hopeful future.

The Honour Your Grief Workbook takes you on a 21-Day journey learning how to:

  • Transform your loss story into a new enduring love story with a narrative therapy-informed approach to grief.
  • Give voice to the thoughts in writing you may not feel comfortable sharing with others.
  • Feel empowered and supported every step of the journey as you honour your love, loss, and grief.