Creative Writing Programs

I believe creative writing comes down to desire, inspiration, and craft.

If you want to write, the spark of story is already burning inside you.
Creativity can be nurtured. Form and craft, like any skill, can be learned.

If you’re here, you’re ready. Let’s spark your story.

Creative writing teacher Nicole Breit

I’m Nicole Breit, the creator of Spark Your Story—a unique and transformative creative writing program designed for brave, beautiful, radical truth tellers.

I help life writers tell their stories

artfully, truthfully, and powerfully

with an emphasis on craft and form.

Writer, if you’re looking for a way into your stories but feel blocked by fear, self-doubt, or overwhelm, you’re in the right place.

I can help.

What to expect

In my creative writing programs I share everything I know about writing and publishing award-winning creative-nonfiction—including writing past blocks to get through a first draft.

In my Spark Your Story courses we’ll:

Break down the characteristics of form and the elements of craft.

Deconstruct readings by a diverse selection of contemporary writers.

Consult the experts in Q and As that shed light on the writing process, revision, and publication.

Enhance learning by asking questions and sharing ideas in a friendly, private online forum.

Integrate new skills in meaningful pre-writing exercises and writing practice.

Continue to support each other’s writing via our warm, supportive, growing online community.

Spark Your Story Courses

Learn the forms, tools, and techniques I use to write award-winning creative nonfiction.

My writing programs are designed to help you move through blocks and draft compelling, shapely personal narratives from the very first draft.

Live courses are offered just a few times a year. Subscribe to my newsletter to be the first to know when registration opens!

A transformative self-study program for new + experienced life writers want to get the brilliant stories they were born to tell on the page..

Enrollment opens throughout the year.

Transformative life writing invites the writer to pinpoint key moments of change and explore the meaning and impact of their experiences. In this creativity accelerator for life writers, you’ll learn how to write past blocks, craft more innovative personal narratives, and fine tune your stories like a pro. Included in this unique step-by-step program is my 5-part Foundations of Story mini-course, six life writing workshops, plus a 40-page workbook with exercises designed to tap memory, reflect on the art of storymaking, and quickly develop skills for writing more evocative prose. Spark Your Story also includes 3 bonus resources to help you develop a productive long-term writing practice — alone and with community — as you practice making compelling art out of your lived experience.

“I came to Nicole’s Spark Your Story writing program with specific goals in mind.

Instead, I learned to explore and trust my intuition. Her appreciation of experimentation enabled me to approach topics I had avoided or ignored, value my unique perceptions, build confidence as a writer, and to craft the first essays I have published.”

Heather Diamond

Discover the flash essay, prose poem, lyric essay + hermit crab essay
Next Session: To be announced

An outlier is someone or something that exists on the margins, set apart by what makes it unique. In this popular 6-week creative writing course we’ll explore the flash essay, prose poem, lyric essay, and hermit crab essay—forms ideal for crafting new, surprising, and innovative short-form memoir that readers (and editors) will love!

“The Outliers course encourages you to push the boundaries of CNF in new and intriguing ways, while diving deeper into your own creative process.

Nicole is an incredibly talented writer and a natural teacher, whose approach is friendly, relaxed, and always helpful.

The course content strikes a great balance of being informative and interesting, and there’s no better feeling than walking away after six weeks with new writing skills and four completed pieces.”

Lindsay Bennett

Discover the diptych, triptych, visual + decentered hermit crab essay
Next Session: To be announced

The photo essay, concrete essay, pictorial essay, and paper craft essay combine textual and visual storytelling to create greater depth, meaning, and impact for the reader. In this exciting 6-week creative writing course we’ll craft innovative personal narratives that bend—and blend—genres.

“I feel like Nicole has started a CNF revolution, bringing new forms and new voices together.

Innovative and inspirational, I highly recommend her visual art inspired CNF course for writers interested in finding or fine-tuning their voice and pushing artistic boundaries.”

Rowan McCandless

FREE MASTERCLASS: How to write about trauma, grief + loss