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If you could work past fear and resistance
what would you write?

I’m Nicole Breit, creator of Spark Your Storya unique program for new, emerging, and experienced life writers who want to tell their stories with greater ease and confidence.

Transformative life writing is the heart centre of Spark Your Story, an approach that invites writers to pinpoint life-changing moments and explore the impact of their experiences.

Writer, if you’re here, you’re ready. Let’s spark your story!

What is Spark Your Story?

Spark Your Story is a self-directed online writing program for all life writers — including poets, fiction and non-fiction writers — who want to learn new ways to transform their memories into memoir.

From the very first lesson you’ll discover a wealth of new ideas, approaches, and tools that you can immediately implement in your writing life.

Igniting your creative spark will inspire renewed energy and excitement for your writing — a feeling of possibility, productivity, and purpose.

What You’ll Learn

Spark Your Story is a 7-module writing program designed to help you:

  • Understand the life writing process as a truth-seeking quest with archetypal challenges to overcome.
  • Learn strategies and tools to move past common blocks like fear, doubt, and resistance.
  • Discover ten powerful story structures including the list essay, collage essay, photo essay, and more.
  • Explore the work of contemporary life writers including Deborah Elderhorst, Emily James, Hege A. Jakobsen Lepri, and Stephanie Feuer.
  • Examine desire lines, beginnings and endings, techniques for segmented storytelling, and other essential life writing skills.
  • Reinforce learning in a variety of formats including journalling, pre-writing exercises, and video lessons.
  • Practice key concepts for drafting powerful life stories — identifying key moments of change, working small and focused, and experimenting with form and structure.
  • Establish new habits and a re-invigorated process that will support your life-writing goals, long-term.

What You’ll You Get

  • 7 learning modules released on a weekly schedule to allow for absorption of the lessons and time to write
  • An introduction to the story-making process and weekly open-ended themes to spark new ideas including Origin Stories, The Emergent Self, The Body, Where The Heart Is, The Bigger World, and Nature & Spirit
  • A unique approach to life writing that begins with a deeper understanding of the process, helps writers discover their transformative material, and takes an experimental approach to form and structure
  • A library of supplementary material including a breakdown of the Spark Your Story process, a catalogue of story structures, a selection of brilliant readings, and a guide to our private forum
  • Access to a private online writing community of life writers where we can share story sparks and quests, ask questions, and encourage each other’s progress.

What Writers Are Saying


“I feel like Nicole has started a CNF revolution, bringing new forms and new voices together.”

Rowan McCandless

“I’ve had many writing teachers, but Nicole is the only one I consider a mentor.”

Rachel Laverdiere

“I highly recommend exploring these exciting forms with Nicole as your guide.”

Abby Palmer

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