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I’m Nicole Breit, award-winning writer + creator of Spark Your Storya unique program for new, emerging, and experienced life writers who want to tell their stories with greater ease and confidence.

Transformative life writing is the heart centre of Spark Your Story, an approach that invites writers to pinpoint life-changing moments and explore the impact of their experiences.

Writer, if you’re here, you’re ready. Let’s spark your story!

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“I just wanted to let you know how excited and inspired I was working through Story Foundations. The writing exercises I’ve been working on have already sparked some exciting new ideas and ways of working. A big “a-ha!” moment was reading about the transformative arc in life writing. I find it so helpful to think about asking questions to guide your quest, and asking yourself if/how you were transformed by the end of the story.”

~ Sara Graefe

Who Is It For?

Spark your Story is a creative accelerator for beginning and experienced life writers who want to:

  • generate new stories (+ a ton of new ideas!)
  • learn essential skills to quickly improve first drafts
  • explore exciting new approaches to storytelling
  • understand the power of story at a deeper level
  • nurture a healthier relationship with their writing
  • discover a powerful process for drafting their best work
  • know how to develop an emerging work-in-progress
  • develop a productive long-term writing practice

“Spark Your Story has helped me be a braver writer, both on the page and out in the world. The program has everything I was looking for in an online course: material and exercises that stimulate new writing/ideas; readings that are fresh and powerful; and assignments that encourage my growth and development. “

~ Brigitte Watson

Upcoming Workshops

April: Where The Heart Is
What do we most desire?
An abundance of story possibilities exist when we consider the stirrings of the heart — friendship, romance, familial love, self-love, universal love. Anything in our lives that inspires desire or passion. Let’s examine why the heart wants what it is pining for. If the heart had its wish, what would be fulfilled?

May: The Bigger World
Where do we truly belong?
Let’s write about the world we live in and our place in it, exploring our relationship to community (i.e. extended family, cultural, religious or political affiliations, sub-cultures) and/or place (geographical regions, places we’ve lived or travelled, the planet).

June: Nature + The Spirit
How do we connect with wonder?
Let’s investigate the strange and mysterious universe we are a part of, exploring religion and ritual; our beliefs and convictions (or those we doubt, reject, dismiss); moments when we felt a sense of wonder, connection, or awe; the deep questions we seek answers to — and how we get closer to the knowledge and wisdom we seek.

What You’ll Learn

Each workshop offers a new opportunity to explore memories and transformational experiences sparked by an open-ended theme.

From the very first lesson you’ll discover a wealth of new ideas, approaches, and tools that you can immediately implement in your writing life to create stronger, more potent first drafts.

By the end of a SYS workshop you’ll:

  • Understand life writing as a truth-seeking quest with archetypal challenges (i.e. blocks) you can learn to overcome.
  • Learn the strategies and tools you need to move past fear, doubt, and resistance.
  • Discover 10 story structures for life writing including the list essay, collage essay, photo essay, and more.
  • Reinforce learning and quickly improve skills via journalling, pre-writing exercises, prompts, video lessons and projects
  • Enjoy the support and encouragement of a warm writing community – a safe and private online space to share work, ask questions, and discuss the craft of life writing.

“Just opened my email to see MY VERY FIRST ACCEPTANCE for Hands on the Piano written in your Body workshop. So thrilled…thanks for believing in me! Can’t wait to post it to FB and FINALLY be a published writer!”

~ Kae Solomon

Weekly Workshop Outline

Week One: Beginnings
Each workshop is centered on a guiding question for reflection and exploration.
We’ll share ideas about the stories we want to write, complete some freewriting exercises to narrow down the possibilities for our first project, and begin drafting a series of micro-essays – one of which we’ll polish to 100 words to share in our hub (and celebrate!).

Week Two: 100 Word Stories
This week we’ll practice observing what is emerging in each other’s 100-word essays (and bask in the positive feedback!). We’ll learn about experimental essay formats and take in a reading (produced by a writer in one of my courses). We’ll come up with 10 exciting new ideas for our stories, share our 1000-word project intention with our hub, and start drafting!

Week Three: 1,000 Word Stories
Let’s celebrate the emergence of our 1,000 word drafts! We’ll build on our learning this week by practicing the art of deep noticing, offering helpful, generative “next steps” following guidelines for a positive feedback exchange. Writers will select a brief passage from their partner’s story to highlight in our hub, noting three elements that are serving the piece well.

Week Four: Craft + Re-vision
In our last week together we’ll reflect on process and progress — and take next steps to revise our stories. Writers will incorporate notes from our feedback exchange into their next re-vision, and share a section of their polished piece for discussion and exploration. We’ll go deeper into craft with a video tutorial… and celebrate our accomplishments! The writer selected to receive a giveaway for completing our session challenge will be announced.

What Writers Are Saying


“I feel like Nicole has started a CNF revolution, bringing new forms and new voices together.”

Rowan McCandless

“I’ve had many writing teachers, but Nicole is the only one I consider a mentor.”

Rachel Laverdiere

“I highly recommend exploring these exciting forms with Nicole as your guide.”

Abby Palmer