February 3-28, 2020 | 4 Weeks |  $249 CAD


The Emergent Self + The Body + Where the Heart Is
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FEE: $599 CAD

The Emergent Self Only
FEE: $249 CAD


How do we become who we are?

Stories of the emergent self explore identity + the process of individuation — who we are and how we express ourselves in terms of our physicality, sexuality, creativity and spirituality.

Let’s consider what is innate, what draws us near, what we believe is our true calling.

Let’s tell the stories of our journeys as explorers, pursuing our desires, dreams, and all we hope to achieve.


Spark your Story was designed for beginning and experienced life writers who want to:

  • generate new stories (+ a ton of new ideas!)
  • learn essential skills to quickly improve first drafts
  • explore exciting new approaches to storytelling
  • understand the power of story at a deeper level
  • nurture a healthier relationship with their writing
  • discover a powerful process for drafting their best work
  • learn how to develop an emerging work-in-progress
  • develop a productive long-term writing practice


As we explore our Emergent Self Stories over the course of 4 weeks we’ll:

  • Brainstorm a list of transformational moments
  • Assess the potential of our raw material in a freewrite
  • Journal to tap memories, gain insight into what our stories need, and reflect on discoveries in the writing process
  • Draft new work that brings our story ideas together with experimental storytelling structures
  • Observe how key elements of life writing (moments of change, effective language, vivid imagery) are at work in our assigned readings, our own work, and each other’s projects
  • Notice what is emerging in each other’s work and suggested next steps in a story exchange

By the end of the session writers will have practiced an approach to life writing that increases creativity, builds greater trust and confidence in the writing process, and nurtures a healthier relationship to their work.


Week One: Beginnings
Our guiding question is How do we become who we are?
What events or experiences illustrate the process of becoming in your life? Let’s share ideas about the stories we want to write, complete some freewriting exercises to narrow down the possibilities for our first project, and begin drafting a series of micro-essays – one of which we’ll polish to 100 words to share in our hub (and celebrate!).

Week Two: 100 Word Stories
This week we’ll practice observing what is emerging in each other’s 100-word essays (and bask in the positive feedback!). We’ll learn about experimental essay formats and take in a reading and Q + A with author Karen Zey. We’ll come up with 10 exciting new ideas for our emergent self material, share our 1000-word project intention with our hub, and start drafting!

Week Three: 1,000 Word Stories
Let’s celebrate the emergence of our 1,000 word Emergent Self drafts! We’ll build on our learning this week by practicing the art of deep noticing, offering helpful, generative “next steps” following guidelines for a positive feedback exchange. Writers will select a brief passage from their partner’s story to highlight in our hub, noting three elements that are serving the piece well.

Week Four: Craft + Re-vision
In our last week together we’ll reflect on process and progress — and take next steps to revise our 1,000 word stories. Writers will incorporate notes from our feedback exchange into their next re-vision, and share a section of their polished piece for discussion and exploration. We’ll delve deeper into shifts, pivots and reversals in a craft video tutorial… and celebrate our accomplishments! The writer selected to receive a giveaway for completing our session challenge will be announced.


I’m Nicole Breit, creator of Spark Your Storya series of online workshops for new, emerging, and experienced life writers who want to tell their stories with greater ease and confidence.

Transformative life writing is the heart centre of Spark Your Story, an approach that invites writers to pinpoint life-changing moments and explore the impact of their experiences.

Upcoming scheduled workshops:
February 3-28: The Emergent Self
March 2-27: The Body
April 6-May 1: Where The Heart Is
May 4-29: The Bigger World
June 1-26: Nature + The Spirit

Writer, if you’re here, you’re ready. Let’s spark your story!

What Writers Are Saying


“I feel like Nicole has started a CNF revolution, bringing new forms and new voices together.”

Rowan McCandless

“I’ve had many writing teachers, but Nicole is the only one I consider a mentor.”

Rachel Laverdiere

“I highly recommend exploring these exciting forms with Nicole as your guide.”

Abby Palmer