“I am now working on a book length lyric essay project.”

Writer: Charlotte Henay of Barrie, Ontario

Course: Spark Your *Visual* Story

Writing Challenge

I was in the initial stages of writing my dissertation—a poetic critical autoethnography/ epistolary archive in parallel format incorporating archival photos/documents.

I was looking for structure for my writing process and ideas/learnings for my dissertation defence to help frame the work.

I really needed motivation, a peer group to share work with, and some structure to figure out the format for the work and get to producing it.

Solution: Spark Your *Visual* Story

Nicole’s course has been invaluable to me in many ways, beyond what I expected from a writing course.

I found Nicole to be insightful, able to clearly decipher my purpose and needs, and best of all, kind and no-nonsense in making space for my particular style of writing, and my working process.

I was most excited by exposure to others writing creatively about difficult subjects, in forms that held but didn’t confine.

Results & Takeaways

Working with Nicole opened up access to networks of writers and connections that have helped and supported me in my work.

I am now working on a book-length project as an amalgam of lyric essays!

Recommended for . . .

. . . writers looking for ways to structure long-form projects,  exposure to genre-bending writers, and supportive community.

Nicole’s lessons were carefully crafted and provided resources I will be able to draw on indefinitely.

I’m really grateful to have taken the course, and to be able to go back to the material as and when needed.

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