“I can’t imagine working with anyone else.”

Writer: Eufemia Fantetti of Toronto, ON

Course: Spark Your *Outlier* Story

Writing Challenge

I knew I needed help with figuring out how to write a difficult story I wanted to tell. The feedback I’d had previously wasn’t supportive, and that by working in a non-linear format I was somehow doing it wrong. I didn’t know Nicole but after listening to her webinar on writing about grief and loss with Rachel Thompson that assured me I’d be in safe hands.

Solution: Spark Your *Outlier* Story

I couldn’t imagine having worked on the early stages of that essay with anyone else now. And like I told you, after that it was quite the process to get the right help on that piece…I have many lovely writer friends and I still got some feedback that hurt and distressed me. It’s amazing how everyone has an experience of shame, loss, grief but when it comes to handling it on the page people can be a little ruthless and it just gets convoluted for me – in the end I find I can’t distinguish between what might be ineffective writing on my end or huge judgement about my life on their end. And sometimes it really comes down to having worked in unusual structure so much (who knew there was such a thing as lyric essay before they read one? before someone thank god printed one?) and people not reading much in that vein.

Results & Takeaways

What I learned in Nicole’s Outliers e-course has transformed my approach to writing. I now have a creative choice over which style suits my particular story and confidence in sending pieces out for publication.

The Outliers course presented a great deal of insight into craft of essays I’d never heard of—Hermit Crab Essays and Braided Essays among them—with an abundance of pearls and examples, including Nicole’s own published works, and links to a plethora of various sources to aid my learning experience.

Recommended for . . .

. . . writers struggling to get through a first draft of a vulnerable story.

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Spark Your *Outlier* Story is offered a few times a year. Space is limited to just 10 writers each session.

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