Writer, you’re on the cusp of a major breakthrough.

Sidestep blocks, craft powerful stories AND streamline the publishing process

with the Spark Your Story Lab, a program that will teach you how to
write innovative and publishable short-form memoir.

After winning 3 literary awards for my creative nonfiction in 2016 (and helping countless writers get published + nominated for awards)

I created the Spark Your Story Lab based on what I’d learned;


The key to crafting powerful stories editors + readers love is to think like a scientist.


Does this sound familiar?

👉  You have hundreds of story ideas spinning in your head, but you don’t know where to start.

👉  You feel overwhelmed by your material or lost in each messy first draft…so you close your laptop and “forget” to come back.

👉  You wonder if you’ll ever feel confident enough in your work to submit to contests or publications.

👉  You feel called to share a book with the world, but it’s hard to feel like a *real* writer when your productivity is at a standstill.

👉  You’ve joined lots of workshops and courses – maybe even a professional writing program – but you aren’t seeing big shifts in your work (or breakthroughs in your career)

👉  You wish you had a clear path — a step-by-step process — for writing with more courage, creativity and confidence…the kind of writing that gets published and wins awards.. 

Writer, I have just the thing for you…

a program designed to help you cut YEARS off your learning curve.

The secret? It all comes down to taking an approach to storytelling that is curious, playful, experimental…

The Spark Your Story Lab was made for you if:

  • You write poetry, fiction or creative nonfiction and want to produce innovative new work to submit to contests and publications
  • You’ve survived a shake up you feel called to write about, but aren’t sure where to start (and don’t want to re-trigger difficult emotions)
  • You have a burning desire to share your stories with the world but are held back by the fear that there isn’t a market for your work and you’ll never get published
  • You need flexibility to learn around a busy schedule + want a program you can work through at your own pace and convenience
  • You are a self-motivated learner, comfortable developing new skills with the guidance of lessons, videos, exercises, checklists + guides…

If you start now, you can…

  • Generate a long list of story ideas and powerful first drafts you can’t wait to revise and share.
  • Save time with a framework that supports your process – the knowledge, tools and strategies to write more creatively, efficiently and effectively than ever before.
  • Explore your difficult material with compassion and self-care, using form as a less triggering “side door” into your stories.
  • Enjoy feeling like the writer you were always meant to be, with a streamlined process to shape your stories into art – and clear steps for finally sharing your work with the world!

…..The time to sign up is NOW

    →Like this Spark Your Story Lab writer!←

    Shelley Logan celebrated her first five publication acceptances within two months of joining the Spark Your Story Lab. 

    Maybe you’re thinking . . .

    “Isn’t writing a gift or talent very few of us are born with? Can creative writing be taught?”

    “I want to write but worry: Will my stories be any good? Will anyone else want to read them?“

    “When I start a story, I’m excited until I get stuck! I love the idea of experimentation but can a course help me push past blocks?”

    Writer, I get it

    I used to have the same questions…

    Nicole Breit

    That was before I went from unknown writer to multi-award winning author in 15 months.

    Hi, I”m Nicole

    10 years ago I was an unknown writer. A poet who dreamed of one day writing a deeply personal book but had no idea how to start or how I’d ever get published.

    I started writing creative nonfiction in 2014 when I took a course on the lyric essay.

    In 2016 I won three literary awards and in 2017 one of my essays was selected as a Notable by the editors of Best American Essays.

    I started teaching creative nonfiction and made an interesting discovery: writers who used my approach and method were enjoying creative and career breakthroughs, too!

    I wondered what it was about the way I taught creative nonfiction that helped writers get amazing results… that’s when I came across Albert Einstein’s combinatory play technique and it all clicked…

    I’d been using a scientist’s creative approach to formulating new theories to craft new stories!

    Einstein liked bringing together two previously “uncombined” ideas to try to solve a problem. I was bringing together two new ideas – a story spark with an experimental form – to write innovative new work!

    I’d been teaching this technique to writers for years to help them craft surprising and innovative stories they were excited to share with the world…

    I knew I could help so many more writers if I brought together everything I’d learned about writing creative nonfiction into one program based on the principles of curiosity, playfulness and experimentation.

    That’s why I created the Spark Your Story Lab.

    Since then I’ve taught countless writers my step by step process from story idea to publication in the Spark Your Story Lab and celebrated their breakthroughs.

    Read About Our Amazing Success Stories!

    I believe the world needs our stories more than ever.

    It’s my passion to help authors – especially underrepresented and marginalized ones – share their experiences through personal storytelling. Here are some of my favourite success stories!

    “Moon in Fragments” was not written in one of Nicole’s classes, BUT I wrote it based on everything I learned with her. It is a collage essay that I would never have drafted in that form if it weren’t for working with Nicole earlier. This is the most exciting development for me because all of the processes I learned in Spark Your Story are so ingrained in me now that it’s changed the way I approach writing forever.”

    ~ Christina Brobby, winner of The Writers Union of Canada’s 2022 Short Prose Competition, the Malahat Review’s 2020 Constance Rooke Creative Nonfiction Prize + subTerrain Magazine’s 2019 Lush Triumphant Literary Award for Creative Nonfiction

    Yolande House is a widely published bisexual, disabled writer whose lyric essay about auditory impairment, “HEAR ME”, was first published in PRISM International and re-printed in the Festival of Literary Diversity’s conference program

    “I won the Humber Creative Nonfiction Award with a piece I wrote thanks to the Spark Your Story Lab!”

    ~ Dr. Margaret Nowaczyk, Author of Chasing Zebras: A Memoir of Genetics, Mental Health and Writing and the award-winning essay, “Mother-Daughter Phrasebook: Definitions”

    Rowan McCandless is the multi-award winning author of Persephone’s Children: A Life in Fragments, a memoir about her experience as a Black biracial woman leaving the stranglehold of domestic abuse. A finalist for Canada’s Governor General’s Award, Rowan’s book was sparked in my very first creative nonfiction course.

    “Just opened my email to see MY VERY FIRST ACCEPTANCE. Can’t wait to FINALLY be a published writer!”

    ~ Kae Solomon, author of “Hands on the Piano” written in the Spark Your Story Body Lab

    Deanna Partridge-David is a writer of mixed European and Indigenous ancestry whose first publication acceptance was for Room magazine’s “Family Secrets” issue. Her collage essay describes the Spring Equinox celebration she attended to learn more about her Simpcw heritage.

    “I came to Nicole’s writing programs with specific goals in mind; instead, I learned to explore and trust my intuition. Her appreciation of experimentation enabled me to approach topics I had avoided or ignored, value my unique perceptions, build confidence as a writer, and to craft the first essays I have published.”

    ~ Heather Diamond, author of Rabbit in the Moon: A Memoir, a finalist in the multicultural nonfiction category of both the International Book Awards + National Indie Excellence Awards as well as the Independent Publisher Book Awards Bronze Medal winner for Pacific regional nonfiction

    Adelle Purdam’s essay “Reverberations of Institutional Violence: a spectrum” reveals how a history of institutional violence against persons with disabilities presently impacts her daughter with Down syndrome and her family. It was selected as a finalist for EVENT Magazine’s 2023 Creative Nonfiction contest.

    Catherine Lewis is a Chinese Canadian author whose hermit crab essay “Twenty-Minute Workout: Crushing a Crush” was longlisted for the Humber Literary Magazine/CNFC 2021 CNFC contest and the Federation of BC Writers’ 2021 Creative Nonfiction contest. Catherine was named a finalist for the Bisexual Book Awards’ 2021 Bi Writer of the Year and her debut chapbook Zipless, currently in its third printing, was a finalist for the 2021 Bisexual Book Award for Poetry.

    “Remember how that piece I wrote when I was taking your class got published in Emerge Journal? A couple of months ago, the magazine nominated “Pigeon Lake” for Best of the Net and today it got a Pushcart nomination!”

    ~ Candace Webb, finalist for three literary awards including Room magazine’s Short Forms contest

    It’s time to share the stories you were born to tell…

    Spark Your Story Lab

    The writer tested step-by-step approach to memoir writing that’ll help you craft powerful stories that get published.

    Whether you are…


    Even if you’ve never started or finished a draft, you aren’t sure where to begin, and you’re afraid you’ll never figure out how to write even one story you feel proud of…


    If you know what you want to write about but could use some ideas, inspiration, and techniques to support a more creative and productive long term writing practice…

    …this program is for you!

    The Spark Your Story Lab will help you produce a portfolio of compelling, shapely, well-crafted stories you can submit to contests + publications.

    💫Learn the knowledge and skills to quickly improve your writing – whether you’re working on short or long form memoir, narrative poetry or autobiographical fiction.

    💫Learn how to move past doubt, fear + resistance (they don’t teach this in MFA programs!) with my 5 part mini course, The Spark Your Story Method

    💫Find a doorway into your difficult – and most rewarding – material by tapping into the power of experimental story forms and structures.

    💫Nurture your works-in-progress with easy-to-learn skills for a more productive writing practice you can start practicing immediately.

    💫Polish your work like a pro by following my simple revision checklist.

    💫Prepare to submit your work to publications referencing my guides and curated list of creative nonfiction markets.

    Take back your evenings and weekends – instead of trying to figure everything out on your own – with my entire step-by-step process for crafting award-worthy essays.

    The Spark Your Story Lab includes 12 months’ access to 7 learning modules packed with inspiration, tools + exercises designed to inspire and improve your writing

    Nicole Breit

    Module 0: The Spark Your Story Method

    Write past blocks like fear, self ­doubt, and resistance with my 5-part mini-course.

    You’ll follow a simple but powerful process that will help you pinpoint life changing moments and explore the impact of your experiences.

    You’ll learn:

    • techniques for discovering your most potent material
    • how to write past blocks like fear + resistance
    • the secret to crafting stronger, more compelling, and innovative first drafts
    • how to avoid large scale overwhelm with my story-meet-form strategy

    Module 1: Origin Stories Lab

    Where do your stories begin? Origin stories are the narratives we construct to explain how we landed where we are in our lives. As we reflect on our origins, beginnings and firsts, let’s also consider new questions: Where do I go now? How can I reconcile the past? How will I set myself free?

    You’ll learn how to:

    • assess each story idea to uncover your most potent material
    • use “perhapsing” to speculate gaps in ancestral memory
    • explore early memories in a diptych essay
    Nicole Breit
    Nicole Breit

    Module 2: The Emergent Self Lab

    Explore identity + the process of individuation (perhaps as it is expressed in your creativity, sexuality and/or spirituality).

    How do you become who you are? Let’s consider what is innate, what draws you near – your true calling – as you write about your dreams and all you hope to achieve.

    You’ll learn how to:

    • craft powerful essays using three essential techniques
    • write a potent micro-essay by practicing compression
    • explore vulnerable material in a hermit crab essay

    Module 3: The Body Lab

    An invitation to write about physicality – your body’s abilities, limitations, and achievements. Stories about healing and wellness, carnal pleasures and sensory delights.

    What does the body know and remember? As you explore memories around birth, aging, and death you’ll practice embodied writing.

    You’ll learn how to:

    • revise effortlessly using the attentive noticing technique
    • write sensual imagery by writing from the body’s POV
    • balance showing + telling in a photo essay
    Nicole Breit
    Nicole Breit

    Module 4: Where The Heart Is Lab

    Let’s explore the objects of our affection, desire or passion, or the cause of our heartbreak as we ask: If the heart had its wish, what would be fulfilled?

    What is your heart’s most secret desire? So many stories find inspiration in the stirrings of the heart – tales of friendship, romance, familial love, self-­love, universal love.

    You’ll learn how to:

    • make readers feel what you feel using mood + atmosphere
    • practice self-care tools when working with difficult material
    • effectively structure a story in three parts

    Module 5: The Bigger World Lab

    Broaden our horizons as we examine the self in relation to the world we live in. Where do you truly belong? These stories explore your relationship to community and/or place (geographical regions, places you’ve lived or travelled to, the planet).

    You’ll learn:

    • how to use identity markers to situate your story in a greater cultural, social or geographical context
    • guidelines for effective re-vision
    • link thoughts, memory + images in a collage essay
    Nicole Breit
    Nicole Breit

    Module 6: Nature + The Spirit Lab

    Investigate stories about our amazing universe, religion and ritual; your beliefs (or those you doubt, reject, dismiss); moments when you felt a sense of wonder or oneness.

    How do you connect with wonder? What is your relationship to mystery and the unknown? How do you get closer to the wisdom you seek?

    You’ll learn how to:

    • make the intangible “tangible” with concrete detail
    • polish your work + prepare for publication
    • build and arrange a powerful lyric essay

    The Spark Your Story Lab also includes access to these amazing resources:

    10 sample readings that demonstrate different forms of writing that integrate the 3 essential elements of story making. You’ll learn how to:

    • construct your own experimental essays by example
    • identify + reinforce the key elements of each structure

    The Spark Your Story Lab Manual, a 40+ page workbook of exercises + activities. You’ll complete exercises, activities + writing projects with helpful checklists that reinforce your learning in the labs.

    Story structures cheat sheet This printable two-page reference outlines 10 story structures to help shape your raw material into powerful short-form memoir.

    Resource Library with selected readings, author Q and As, videos + more

    Office Hours. Join me and a warm community of writers once a month for some timed writing sprints. At the end I’ll take your questions about process, form + craft…

    Plus these bonus resources to support your long-term writing goals!

    BONUS 1: Table of craft elements. This printable two-page reference provides an at-a-glance summary of 35 literary devices with a brief definition of each so you can craft your best work

    BONUS 2: Accountability guide. This 14 page guide will nurture your progress with a 4-week schedule for working through each lab with a partner and feedback tips

    BONUS 3: Polish + Publish. Save countless hours of research with this guide + curated list of markets to support your final step: polishing your work and submitting it for publication. Includes a revision checklist and a list of 50 journals where my students have published work produced in my programs.

    BONUS 4: Growth Resources. This 4-pager offers 40+ resources on craft, structure and grief writing to support your growth, long-term.

    BONUS 5: Process Guide. This one-page printable will keep you on track with a 10-point step-by-step guide to developing your memoir-in-progress.

    Get Immediate Access To

    6 story labs (i.e. workshops) with 40+ videos ($1999 USD)
    40-page Lab Manual with exercises + checklists ($199 USD)
    5-part Spark Your Story Method mini-course ($299 USD)
    Monthly Office Hours (12 x live write ins + Q+As) ($1200 USD)
    Resource Library ($299 USD)
    5 bonus resources ($500 USD)

    Total Value $4500 USD

    Regular price $1697 USD

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    I’ve seen what is possible when writers make use of the information, tools + guidance I’ve shared in the Spark Your Story Lab. Enrolling in this program is a non-refundable investment in your writing, so please ensure you are ready and fully committed to the experience before you sign up. If you have any questions about the program before purchasing, email info@sparkyourstory.com


    💫 Work through blocks like fear and resistance with an in-depth understanding of the natural ebbs and flows of the writing process.

    💫 Master the fundamentals of craft so you can write with creativity + confidence.

    💫 Shape your material into powerful personal narratives editors + publishers are excited to read.

    💫 Stop wasting time and start making steady, continuous progress on your writing with everything you need in one powerful learning bundle.

    Consider the time + money you’ll save.

    Completing this self-guided program will help you learn the fundamental skills you need to write, revise, and publish short-form memoir like a professional writer.

    If you’re not willing to waste any more time spinning your wheels and are ready to realize your dreams of being a successful life writer..The time to sign up is NOW.  


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    IS there a refund policy?

    Enrolling in the Spark Your Story Lab is a non-refundable investment in your writing. Please make sure you are ready and fully committed to the experience before you sign up. By purchasing you understand there are absolutely no refunds. If you have any questions about the program before purchasing, email info@sparkyourstory.com


    By learning through this online program you get amazing value for your investment.
    You get guidance from an award­ winning author with experience helping hundreds of writers develop stories that resonate with readers, get published, and win awards.

    Each writing module in this program has been offered as a workshop priced at $200 USD. If you signed up for all six you’d pay $1200 USD just for the story labs alone.

    You can get the whole package — including my Spark Your Story Method 5-part mini­course, 40+ page lab manual, 12 monthly livestreamed write-ins and Q+As – and bonuses — valued at nearly $4000 USD if you buy now for just $1597 USD.

    To hire me privately for one-­on-­one mentoring would cost you $125/hour … and when I work with a client individually, I don’t teach them the exact process I use in my own writing practice for drafting and revising life stories.

    Completing this self-guided program will help you learn the fundamental skills you need to write, revise, and publish short-form memoir like a professional writer.


    Writers don’t workshop each other’s writing in the Spark Your Story Lab nor is there 1:1 instructor feedback. However, the program does include step-by-step guidance on nurturing your best work, with training on the essential craft tools for short-form memoir writing, a step-by-step revision checklist, and a bonus guide to polishing and publishing. The Spark Your Story Lab also offers a guide to working with a partner or group to mutually encourage the development of your best work.

    If you’re interested in a writing program that includes feedback you might prefer the Spark Your Story Intensive, a 12-week deep dive into experimental creative nonfiction with 1:1 instructor feedback. You can join the waitlist to apply here


    When you enroll in the program you get instant access to all the materials including bonuses. Access to the program is for a 12 month period starting on your enrollment date.


    The Spark Your Story Lab is for:
    EMERGING WRITERS: Even if you’ve never started or finished a draft, you’re not sure where to begin, and you’re afraid you’ll never figure out how to write even one story, the story lab is for you!
    SEASONED WRITERS – If you know what you want to write about but could use some ideas, inspiration, and techniques to support a more creative and productive long term writing practice, the story lab is for you!


    Although I can’t provide 1:1 coaching or feedback on your work….I’ve designed the lab to feel like I’m right there beside you every step of the way. Plus we’ll get together once a month for some timed writing sprints. At the end of our writing session I’ll take your questions about process, form + craft…


    Your program fee includes 12-months of access to the Spark Your Story Lab. Most writers find one full year to complete the program provides both incentive + a reasonable time frame to work through the materials, absorb the lessons, and complete their projects. How much time you spend on the program each week is up to you.

    Drop us a line at info@sparkyourstory.com.

    Nicole Breit

    Writer, it’s never too late to get started.

    If you’re done with fear and doubt, over the myth of the struggling artist and are ready to write with ease and flow the Spark Your Story Lab was designed for you.

    Why wait another day, week, month or year to commit to your stories? It’s time to share the stories you were born to tell.

    Join the Spark Your Story Lab and start writing NOW.