SYS Intensive Student Accommodation Policy

SYS Intensive Student Accommodation Policy

The Spark Your Story Intensive Student Accommodation Policy sets out the conditions and procedures for requesting and obtaining accommodations, such as a program extension or session deferral.

On a case by case basis, an extension or one time deferral may be granted to a student under extenuating circumstances according to the terms set out in the Student Accommodation Policy.

As the Spark Your Story Intensive is a program with limited enrollment, an active waitlist, and only two offerings a year, requests for accommodation should be made as soon as possible.

A session deferral, if granted, will only be granted once. In the case a deferral is granted the student will not be allowed to submit assignments on which they received feedback in the session in which they enrolled.

If the deferred session is taught by a different instructor than the one for which the student enrolled, or enrollment in the deferred session is at capacity, the student granted a deferral may receive feedback on assignments from Spark Your Story owner, Nicole Breit, rather than the instructor hired to deliver the deferred session.

If a deferral is granted, the student will be added to the waitlist for the next session of the Spark Your Story Intensive. They will not be required to re-apply, but it is their responsibility to request a spot in the session. If a deferral is approved, the student can join the waitlist for the next session here.

Note: As students receive lifetime access to the Spark Your Story Intensive materials, a student seeking accommodation may prefer to submit assignments for feedback to Nicole Breit outside of a scheduled session. Arrangements can be made by request by emailing

Policy updated: May 16, 2022