Writer, there are many ways to tell a story…

You’re the only one who can write yours.

The Spark Your Story Course Bundle includes two powerful 6-module creative writing courses designed to get your stories on the page and out into the world.

Struggling to get your story on the page?

Writer, it doesn’t have to be this hard.

You have a story to tell and you want to share it with the world. But these days you’re struggling…

You’ve spent hours, days, weeks trying to finish the story burning inside you.

The clock keeps ticking. Will you EVER get through a draft that doesn’t make you want to shut your laptop and walk away for good?

Does being a writer really have to be this hard?

You wonder: If I was a real writer, wouldn’t I have figured it out by now?


⛔ What if I don’t have what it takes to be a writer? ⛔ What if it’s too late for me to learn to write the stories I feel called to tell? ⛔ What if I’m brave enough to submit my work and I never get published?

You’re consumed by the same fear and doubt ALL authors wrangle with:

What if I’m not a real writer after all?

Rachel Laverdiere

“Nicole’s courses helped move the margins of my writing. Most of the material I produced in her Outliers + Visual story courses has been published or is forthcoming. The lessons are well crafted and provide a variety of examples, tools, and assignments that comfortably ‘force’ experimentation with new forms. You’ll regret not taking the leap.” ~ Rachel Laverdiere

Discover the key to crafting stories editors want to publish and readers will love. 

You can learn how to:

  • Write through blocks as you tackle difficult subject matter
  • Focus and organize your material in a way that won’t overwhelm you
  • Craft your life-changing experiences into shapely, compelling narratives
  • Create a deep connection with readers and
  • Surprise and delight editors who’ve “seen it all” 

Writing stories about your life doesn’t have to be so gruelling.

You can write with greater ease, creativity and confidence – it can even be fun!

Let me show you how…

“Spark Your *Visual* Story” helped me push my writing in new ways I didn’t think possible. Thanks to Nicole’s inspiration and guidance creating within these new forms, I was able to write a concrete essay picked up by Atticus Review, and also win an honorable mention in the Pigeon Pages flash contest judged by Alexander Chee.” ~ Emily James

Nicole Breit

Hi, I”m Nicole Breit

and I help writers achieve their writing + publishing dreams.

Ten years ago I worried I’d never become a published author.

I spent twenty years focused on learning the tools and techniques writers use to craft powerful stories.

But my writing still lacked some key ingredient – and I couldn’t pinpoint where the problem was.

Once I took a course on the lyric essay the missing piece became clear.

What my work lacked was shape.

Once I wrote my first two lyric essays, I became obsessed with form and structure.

I was able to quickly generate a portfolio of stories I’d been wanting to write for years – and I had fun writing them!

In a short period of time I produced work I was proud of and excited to share. With new-found confidence I started sending my work out to literary journals and contests…

And that’s when my writing career really began to take off.

I’d discovered that experimenting with form and structure can help produce the kind of work editors are excited to read and eager to publish.

I’ve been teaching what I call “outlier” forms for nearly six years now and am thrilled to share the knowledge, tools, and skills that will help you write your best work.

After witnessing countless creative and career breakthroughs as a writing instructor I can say this with confidence:

My approach to memoir will transform both your writing AND your writing life.

cover foliage

Since I launched my first experimental creative nonfiction course in January 2017, I’ve watched unpublished writers receive their first acceptance letters.

Writers have been nominated for awards for the work produced in my “Spark Your *Outlier* Story” and “Spark Your *Visual* Story” courses.

Like Rowan McCandless, a finalist for the 2022 Governor General’s Award for her debut memoir that began as an essay in Spark Your *Outlier* Story – and became a multi-award winning book.

◀️ That’s her!

Last year I stopped offering live versions of the Spark Your *Outlier* Story and

Spark Your *Visual* Story courses.

But because my approach to crafting powerful creative nonfiction has helped so many writers achieve their dreams, I knew I had to make these courses available again in a self-study format.

Spark Your Outlier Story writer Heather Diamond

Heather Diamond’s

lyric essay, “Waterbabies” was shortlisted for Room’s 2018 CNF award

Spark Your Outlier Story writer Deanna Partridge-David

Deanna Partridge-David’s

first lit mag submission, “Lost and Found”, was published in Room 41.1

Spark Your Outlier Story writer Karen Zey

Karen Zey’s

work has been published in a number of literary journals; her lyric essay, “Lessons in Hugs”, was nominated for Crack the Spine’s Best of the Net 2018 award

Spark Your Outlier Story writer Danica Longair

Danica Longair’s

first publication credit, “Best is Fed”, was selected for the Sustenance anthology edited by Rachel Rose

Spark Your Outlier Story writer Emily Kellogg

Emily Kellogg’s

“A Year for Ectoplasm” received an Honourable Mention in Room’s 2017 CNF contest, was nominated for the 2018 CNFC/carte blanche CNF award, and was finally published in Entropy under the title “Lucky Number 7”

Spark Your Outlier Story writer Shirley Harshenin

Shirley Harshenin

author of the epistolary essay, “Letters from my Brothers”, earned her first publication credit in Room’s “Family Secrets” issue

If you’re feeling stuck, uninspired or frustrated, learning how to work with form and structure can help you, too.

Everything changed for me and my writing when I took a curious, playful and experimental approach to personal storytelling. In 2016 I won three writing awards, which set me on my path as an author and writing instructor.

cover foliage

Now I am a:

  • multi-award winning poet and essayist
  • contributor of craft articles for Hippocampus magazine
  • memoir writing coach whose superpower is helping writers achieve their literary dreams faster than they thought possible.

My award-winning essay about first love and loss, “An Atmospheric Pressure”, was selected as a Notable Essay by Best American Essays 2017.

You can find my work featured in literary journals and anthologies including:

Room magazine logo, a creative writing journal.
Event magazine logo, a creative writing journal.
Room magazine logo, a creative writing journal.
Hippocampus logo, an online creative writing journal.
Event magazine logo, a creative writing journal.
The Puritan logo, an online creative writing journal
Hippocampus logo, an online creative writing journal.
The Puritan logo, an online creative writing journal
Shirley Harshenin

Nicole Breit is changing the landscape of creative nonfiction writing and experimental form in an inviting and innovative environment. Forms that felt daunting initially quickly transformed into thrilling explorations through lessons bristling with boundary pushing readings, histories, sub-forms, and angles of approach. ~ Shirley Harshenin

Ready to

Finally Get Your Stories On the Page

And Share Them With The World?

Learn how to turn your story ideas into unforgettable narratives
with an approach that will change the way you write forever.

Learn how to:

💫 Spark new story ideas with exercises designed to tap intuition, improve craft skills and craft a solid first draft.
💫 Work with your creative process by learning how established writers produce creative nonfiction in insightful Q+As.
💫 Master techniques used by poets and fiction writers to make your personal narratives compelling and memorable.
💫 Deconstruct non-linear and genre-bending narratives by a diverse selection of writers to deepen your understanding of how well-crafted stories work.
💫 Maintain momentum and stay productive with tips and tricks for getting unstuck.
💫 Revise your work like a pro and discover the best markets to submit your work for publication.

The Spark Your Story Self-Study Course Bundle will teach you why structure matters AND will give you the tools you need to write your best work.

Whether you’re new to creative nonfiction – or an experienced writer ready to get experimental! – this bundle has everything you need to reignite your passion for writing.

NOTE: The courses included in this bundle do NOT include live calls, 1:1 coaching or feedback.

“This is by far the best writing course I have taken.

The readings are wonderful, the lectures are inspiring and useful, the feedback is encouraging and insightful.” – Heather Diamond

In this two course bundle you get lifetime access to Spark Your *Outlier* Story AND Spark Your *Visual* Story.

(Click on the play icon below for a quick peek into the course)

Course  1

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Take a deep dive into four “outlier” forms including the flash essay, prose poem, lyric essay + hermit crab essay to shape your raw material into innovative stories.
  • Practice essential craft tools for powerful storytelling including compression, point of view, imagery, sound devices, voice + tone
  • Discover how contemporary writers are working with form in inspired readings by Daniel Romo, Dorothy Bendel, Oliver Bendorf, Jamila Osman, Kimiko Hahn and more
  • Generate fresh and innovative new narratives with the help of pre-writing exercises, journal reflections and writing projects.
  • Polish your drafts for publication using your revision checklist and list of markets as a guide.

Course  2

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Take a deep dive into four “visual” forms including the panel essay (diptych + triptych), visual essay and decentered hermit crab essay to shape your raw material into innovative stories.
  • Practice essential craft tools for powerful storytelling including reflective voice, storyboards, references, unspooling, linking, echoes and hinges.
  • Discover how contemporary writers are working with form in readings by Vivek Shraya, Monet Patrice Thomas, Maggie McKnight, Sarah Minor, Eric LeMay and more.
  • Generate fresh and innovative new narratives with the help of pre-writing exercises, journal reflections and writing projects.
  • Maintain your momentum and stay productive with mindfulness tips and tricks for getting unstuck.

Your price: $997

You can also purchase each course separately for USD $697


NOTE:  The courses included in this bundle do NOT include live calls, 1:1 coaching or feedback.

“Spark Your *Visual* Story is one of the best writing courses I have taken. Each lesson included thoughtful insights from Nicole and carefully selected material that illustrated the different types of visual art and writing that we explored each week. I was inspired to write more creatively and to tell stories that I might not otherwise have told. Thank you, Nicole, for inspiring me and helping me become a better writer.” – Lyndsay Knowles

“I stumbled upon Nicole’s course at just the right time—at a point in my life when I was eager to explore new types of writing and when I actually had the time. This course asks you to go deep and rewards you for all your hard work. I’ve taken other online writing courses over the years and this has proven to be the most valuable by far, both in terms of the skills I have developed and the possibilities it has ignited in my head. This course is a gift to the writing community—as is its instructor.” – Ann Douglas

Does access to this program expire?

When you enroll in the Spark Your Story self-study course bundle (or either course separately) you get lifetime access to all the course materials. Start right away or whenever it’s convenient for you. The lessons, readings, exercises and projects will be there for you when you’re ready!

Will I get feedback on my writing?

The Spark Your Story Self-Study Course Bundle is delivered in a self-study format and does not include live calls, 1:1 coaching or feedback on your writing.

If you’re interested in learning to revise your work, the “Spark Your *Outlier* Story” course includes a revision checklist to help you hone your self-editing skills.

If you’d prefer to invest in a live instructor-led program that includes 1:1 feedback on your work, please join the Spark Your Story Intensive waitlist. 

I want to join but can’t start the course right away. Is it worth it?

As these courses are offered in a self-study format, you can start whenever is convenient for you – and with lifetime access, you can take as long as you need to work through the materials.

I do recommend signing up before November 28, even if you can’t start right away, so you don’t miss out on the Black Friday pricing and bonuses. 💝

In terms of value for the investment, the regular price for each course purchased separately is $697 USD. The cost of the $997 USD two-course bundle offers a savings of $397 USD – and if you purchase the bundle before November 28 you’ll save an additional $150 USD.

To hire me privately for one-­on-­one mentoring would cost you $125/hour … and when I work with a client individually, I can’t provide the in-depth analysis of structure and craft included in these courses.

This bundle sounds amazing but I’m not sure my writing will improve without instructor feedback.

From my own experience as a writer and instructor I believe the right kind of feedback at the right stage of the process is helpful – but I’ve seen enough writers make huge leaps in their work in my self-study courses to know feedback isn’t a necessary ingredient for developing your craft.

What is most helpful is learning the tools and techniques that can make you a better writer and putting them into practice. Completing these courses will help you learn essential skills you need to write and revise creative nonfiction like a professional writer. You get in-depth guidance from an award­ winning author with experience helping hundreds of  writers develop stories that resonate with readers, get published, and win awards. 

As with any self-study program, the writers who get the most out of the lessons are motivated to complete the readings, exercises, activities and projects on their own without the accountability of a group.

Do you have a guarantee?

Yes! If within 7 days of purchase you aren’t satisfied with the Spark Your Story course bundle, email info@sparkyourstory for a no-questions-asked refund.

Writer, the time for your stories is NOW.

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”
~ Maya Angelou

10 years ago, before I’d discovered the key to crafting powerful creative nonfiction, I felt creatively and professionally unfulfilled. I feared the years would keep slipping by and I’d never get published and enjoy the success I dreamed of.

I’m so excited to be able to share what I learned so you don’t have to wait any longer to get your stories on the page and out into the world.

Nicole Breit

Don’t let another week, month or year go by feeling lost, uninspired and unfulfilled. I’ve helped countless writers whose first careers are in business, medicine, law, academia and the healing professions. Careers where creativity has no place in the work these writers produce on a daily basis.

No matter where you are right now, I know you can write with more ease, creativity and confidence. I’ve seen what is possible with the right information, tools and guidance.

Let me help you take this step to tell the stories you long to write.