In today’s video, I want to tell you about a gift I’ve made to support you on your writing journey!


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In ‘The Secret To Getting Published Now’, You’ll learn:


  • What my gift to you is
  • Why it is so special
  • What is included in this gift




Details about my GIFT🎁 to you…


In honour of my 50th birthday – which is today! – I’m sharing a list I’ve compiled of my 50 favourite resources for writers including books, a podcast or two, articles, and YouTube videos.

Normally this resource list is an exclusive bonus for writers who sign up for my 12-month program, the Spark Your Story Lab… but I LOVE my community and thought, Why not update the list for writers in the Lab AND share the love?

This list of resources is divided into three categories:

  • The first will help you with learning more about the art and craft of life writing.
  • The second is a topic that’s really important to me and many writers of memoir and CNF: writing into trauma, grief and loss.
  • The third is about one of my favourite things to talk about: form and structure.

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Now I’m off to celebrate… Catch you in my next video!