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Mini Manuscript Evaluation

For the month of June I have space to offer just 4 writers the guidance and feedback they need to make significant progress on their projects.

What does the mini manuscript evaluation include?

Up to 25 double-spaced pages of your work – your poems, essays, stories, CNF or memoir chapters!

I’ll respond to your submission from three perspectives:
✨ as an award-winning writer who knows how to use form and essential craft techniques to create an irresistible story
✨ as an experienced writing instructor who will share exactly what is already working well and what you can do more of, and
✨ as a highly intuitive (and obsessive!) reader with a knack for “tuning into” the story that wants to be written.

To be clear: this is not a substantive edit although I will mark up your text in track changes.

I’ll be looking for what’s emerging, what I want to see more of, and what your readers need to be satisfied. I’ll make note of any questions that surface. I’ll make you aware of those key moments when I feel something stir in my body (and when I need more embodied writing to bring me in closer).

You’ll ALSO get a short report on your writing sample that will help you get more clarity on what I see at work in your writing

this is a high-value, low-investment option to get quick insight into your work-in-progress so you can meet your writing goals this year!

Your Investment

The cost of a mini-manuscript evaluation is $500 USD.

To sum up you’ll get:

✨ My eyes on 25 pages double-spaced 12-font Times New Roman pages of any work you’d like to share – a chapter of memoir, poems, creative nonfiction, essays, stories.

✨ My comments right in the text to help you understand what is working well, what your work needs more of, and what I see emerging so you can realize your work’s potential.

✨ A short report that breaks down stylistic elements at work in your sample; emerging and/or recurrent symbols, images, themes, and ideas to develop as you continue to write and revise; craft tips that will quickly improve your pages and ALL of your writing.

✨ Recommended reading and resources as applicable.

Nicole Breit Portrait



✨ You want to know NOW – not when your first manuscript is complete – if you’re on the right track.

✨ You’ve made a start but aren’t exactly sure where your writing is leading you… yet.

✨ You’re wavering between “this feels pretty good!” and “OMG-THIS-IS-THE-WORST-DRIVEL-TO-EVER-SEE-THE-LIGHT-OF-DAY!”

✨ You’d benefit from learning what a trained reader sees emerging in your work – what’s working, what you can improve, and what your readers want and need in order to feel your story the way YOU do.

✨ You don’t have a few thousand dollars to invest in a full manuscript evaluation BUT would invest several hundred dollars for personalized feedback from an experienced coach.

(a replay will be available if you cannot attend live)