The world needs

Radical Truth Tellers

so let’s do it

let’s write our
barest, bravest, truest selves.

Hi, I’m Nicole…

Award-winning author + creator of The Spark Your Story Lab — an online program for busy memoir writers who want to craft powerful stories and share them with the world.

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“Three weeks into the Spark Your Story Lab I’m happy to report that I’m all fired up about writing again and I’ve been advancing one of my three manuscripts every day. I’ve incorporated list, micro, flash and diptych essays so far and I’m excited about trying the other structures. It seems possible to me that if I keep going at this rate, I’ll have a first draft of my book by the end of March. THANK YOU!”

Lesley Prpich

The Spark Your Story Lab is an accelerated program for writers who want to produce submission-worthy short-form memoir. Discover the possibilities of 10 essay forms – the collage, hermit crab, list, visual, photo essay + more! – guaranteed to spark your creativity, transform your writing, and shape your memories into powerful stories.

In each story lab (i.e. workshop) you’ll tap memories associated with a theme, experiment with story structure, practice key elements of craft, and deepen your trust in the process. By the end of the program you’ll have mastered the skills to move past blocks, craft innovative new work and revise like a pro.

Spark Your Story Lab writers have celebrated their first publications and won awards for the work they’ve generated in this program.

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“’Moon in Fragments’ was not written in one of Nicole’s classes, BUT I wrote it based on everything I learned with her. It is a collage essay that I would never have drafted in that form if it weren’t for working with Nicole earlier. This is the most exciting development for me because all of the processes I learned in Spark Your Story are so ingrained in me now that it’s changed the way I approach writing forever.”

Christina Brobby

Winner of The Writers Union of Canada’s 2022 Short Prose Competition


“I won the Humber Creative Nonfiction Award with a piece I wrote thanks to the Spark Your Story Lab!”

Dr. Malgorzata Nowaczyk

Author of Chasing Zebras: A Memoir of Genetics, Mental Health and Writing and the award-winning essay, “Mother-Daughter Phrasebook Definitions”


“Just opened my email to see MY VERY FIRST ACCEPTANCE. Can’t wait to FINALLY  be a published writer!”

Kae Solomon

Author of “Hands on the Piano” published in Barren Magazine, Issue 12.

Unlock the keys to crafting your best work


“I finally felt inspired to write the stories I’ve been stuck on for years. Thanks to Nicole I’ve been published for the very first time. I cannot recommend the Spark Your Story Lab highly enough!”

Shelley Logan

Author of “Taste of a Memory” published in Moonlight Mag, Issue 2


“What I found most valuable in the Spark Your Story Lab is its focus on process. So much of what I had learned was about craft, but I had no idea how to get out of my own way so I could write.”

Lacey Yong

Author of “Ghost Festival”, published in Minola Review, Issue 28


“Nicole’s writing programs have launched so many careers at this point I’m calling it a movement.”

Emily James

Author of “The Mess We’re In” published in Hippocampus Magazine