Grief needs to be expressed to be released 

And the only one who can do that is you

‘Honour Your Grief Story’ is a powerful 21-day journalling mini-course that helps you gently release your pain, honor your loved one, and empower yourself to write a new chapter of hope.

“Nicole Breit has been privy to numerous stories about grief from writers who have participated in her Spark Your Story programs. Now, she is helping grievers with Honour Your Grief Story, a step-by-step reflective guide to help us heal from great sorrow. I highly recommend this journal for anyone seeking to honour their grief story.”

~ Rowan McCandless, Award-winning author of Persephone’s Children: A Life in Fragments

The pain of loss can be overwhelming.

But it doesn’t have to stop you from moving forward.

You want to process your grief and release your feelings but are held back by fear.

⛔ Fear of the pain that may surface

⛔ Fear of not being able to cope

⛔ Fear of being judged for ‘moving on’

 Feeling unsupported
…lost, alone, and isolated.

You wonder…where do I even start?

writing in a journal

It is entirely possible to nurture a
gentle and effective grieving process.

You can:

🤍 Discover a healing experience that helps you feel less alone.

🤍 Find healthy ways to honour your loss (instead of denying, ignoring, or suppressing your  grief).

🤍 Learn a way to move forward that always makes you feel connected to your loved one.

🤍 Feel empowered as you write a new story for a happy and hopeful future.

All you need is to open your heart.

Nicole Breit

Hi, I”m Nicole

writer, memoir instructor, and student of grief.

In 2015, two and a half decades after the death of my first love, I set out on a journey to recover our story.

It was an unruly grief narrative of a sudden and unexpected loss when I was a teenager. For decades I would not grieve this loss. I didn’t know how or where to start. 

Deep down, I believed my grief was the one thing that still connected me to my love. When I missed him, I felt shame for loving someone who could not love me back, compounded by sorrow that my love had become a weird secret. 

I had no way to express it. Whenever I got too close to the pain of it, I’d protect my wounded heart by shutting the door on it. Hard. And fast.

But by keeping the door shut, I had also lost access to the good parts: the love, the joy, the fun.

Shaping my experiences, thoughts, and feelings into stories finally gave my love somewhere to go. It brought me so much comfort I wanted to learn more about the healing power of personal narrative.

In early 2020 I completed a 5-day introduction to Narrative Therapy certificate through The Vancouver School of Narrative Therapy. This led me to the work of Lorraine Hedtke, an expert on grief and bereavement. Through her, I learned about the importance of continuing bonds with our deceased loved ones.

Now, I know it is an act of self-love to imagine your loved one is present, receiving your thoughts, and loving you back, the way they did when they were alive. Not something to be mildly ashamed of.

Let go of the fear or discomfort so you can take comfort in the love that still exists, even in the face of loss.

Consider this your invitation to stay present and open as you:

✔️ reconnect with your beloved
✔️ walk with your grief
✔️ imagine a future where you write your loved one into the unfolding story of your life.

It is a radical act that rejects many of the messages you may have received about how to grieve – and what, in fact, grief’s purpose truly is.

Not to accept the loss or let go of our love but to integrate the loss so we can feel whole again.

“Thank you so much, Nicole, for creating Honour Your Grief Story and taking such good care of our broken human hearts. It is impossible not to grow, heal, and recover using this journal and workbook that you have so lovingly crafted. Thank you for honouring our dead, not only by helping us make space for the sadness they’ve left with us, but by teaching us to create room for the joy and comfort they brought (and still bring) to our lives.”
~ Jen Robinson, Writer + Grief Counsellor

Ready to reframe your grief narrative and
Write a new chapter of hope?

Discover a powerful journalling practice that guides you through a gentle, unique and effective grieving process with care and compassion.

You will learn how to:

💫 Transform your loss story into a new enduring love story with a narrative therapy-informed approach to grief.

💫 Give voice to the thoughts in writing you may not feel comfortable sharing with others.

💫 Feel empowered and supported every step of the journey as you honour your love, loss and grief.

💫 Learn new skills and perspectives to effectively manage the difficult emotions that come with loss.

💫 Map out exactly what you need to take care of yourself in the days ahead. 

tropical flowers

In this 21-day mini-course you will get…

💛 A guided journalling experience to help you shape loss into an enduring love story and gentle healing process.

💛 Daily emails delivered to your inbox with a guiding quote, a narrative therapy informed mini-lesson, and a new prompt to reflect on and explore in writing.

💛 Each week will focus on a different aspect of healing:

  • Week 1: Re-Membering Your Love. Let’s reflect on who they are, what they mean to you, and how you might continue to welcome their presence in your life.
  • Week 2: Re-Storying Your Grief. How we can write a new, healthy and empowering narrative about our relationship with grief and loss.
  • Week 3: Re-Directing Your Story. Let’s take what we’ve learned into the future so our beloveds can continue to walk with us and be a source of love, joy, and comfort.


Your investment for this Mini Journalling Course:


Plus this amazing bonus workbook

honour your grief workbook

Keep track of your daily prompts–and have them all in one place–with a beautiful fillable pdf workbook(value $37).

Will this be like therapy?

I’m a writer, a memoir instructor, and a student of grief. I am not a therapist and am unable to promise that if you follow my lead, you’ll achieve any particular goal. What I can assure you is that I’m here to walk alongside you on a journey I have taken, to spend time inside the most private room in your heart – where your loved one isn’t lost, where your emotions are held as sacred, and where you can imagine the story never ended and it is in your power to continue.

Above all, I am here to respect that you are the author of your story and the expert of your grief. 

I hope you’ll let me know if you experience a breakthrough or finish a difficult story after taking my workshop. ❤️

Will it even help me if my loss is not recent?

If you feel ready to address your loss – even if it’s been years or decades – the information and prompts I share will help you gently access your memories and guide you through a healing re-framing process through journalling.

If my pain is still fresh, will I be able to get through this course?

This mini journaling course is designed for you to work at your own pace. All the lessons and the bonus workbook will be there for you, whenever you are ready.

There are small daily lessons and prompts so you aren’t overwhelmed. The intention is for you to focus not on pain but on possibility, healing and the future. It may help you feel better by honouring your feelings, your beloved and yourself.

If I want to write a memoir of my grief story, will this help me?

You may consider this journaling experience “pre-work” to writing a memoir about your grief story. You may wish to include in your memoir how journalling about your loss was an important aspect of your healing journey. If you are interested in writing more formally about your grief story you may be interested in my workshop “How to write about trauma, grief and loss

Is there a guarantee?

Yes, I offer a 7 day money back guarantee.  If you purchase “Honour Your Grief Story” and it’s not everything you hoped it would be, I will issue a refund as long as it is requested within 7 days of purchase.

You are the author of your story and the expert of your grief

When you work through your grief, on your own terms, in your own words, you give yourself the gift of healing. Yes, it can be hard. But by writing, reflecting on, and taking ownership of your story and your grief, you can begin to process your pain and move forward in a healthy way. 

With this 21 day journal, you will feel a spark, an opening, a shift each day. And by the end of our time together, I hope you’ll feel the bloom of a beautiful new relationship with your beloved, your grief, and yourself.

Allow me to help you write a new story of hope, resilience, and a continued bond with your loved one.

Your Investment:  $97

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