Yesterday I learned my lyric essay, “An Atmospheric Pressure” (winner of Room magazine’s 2016 CNF contest) was selected as a Notable Essay by the good people at the Best American Essays series.

It’s such an honour for my name to appear on this year’s Notable list among so many writers I admire including Randon Billings Noble, Jill Talbot, Brian Doyle and the winner of the Best American Essay, Emily Maloney for her stunning piece, “Cost of Living”.

It’s funny how inspired thinking and timing sometimes works. Last week I felt the sudden inspiration to record myself reading “An Atmospheric Pressure” so I could share the piece as an audio file with my students who are studying the lyric essay. Now that there is new interest in my piece I am all set to share it with a wider audience in a new way — Room magazine will be posting my audio file to their website in a few weeks.

If you haven’t read “An Atmospheric Pressure” but are interested in learning more, this interview with Mica Leminski sums up the “story behind the story” of my mixed time-lapse piece about first love and loss.