“I absolutely loved the first lesson, such a wonderful overview. It really helped me to contextualize some of the reading that I’ve absolutely loved over the past few years, and to start to deconstruct the elements of the essays that resonated with me.”
~ Emily Kellogg, Toronto, Ontario

“Love, love this course.”
~ Karen Zey, Pointe-Claire, Quebec

If you’ve been thinking about signing up for the CNF outliers e-course, great news! Based on tremendous feedback and interest, I’m opening another session this month.

There are 8 seats available for the next 6-week session: February 27 to April 10.

Our exploration of the flash essay, prose poem, lyric essay, and hermit crab essay includes:

  • lessons outlining the characteristics of each form with readings by Christine Byl, Brian Doyle, Dinty W. Moore, Lorna Crozier, Brenda Miller, and more
  • a feature craft element each week to help understand the techniques behind great storytelling and how to use them in your own work.
  • insightful audio interviews and Q and A’s with notable CNF writers including Isaac Yuen, Susan Olding, and Randon Billings Noble
  • facilitated discussions in our private forum where students can ask questions, share insights, and discuss their learning
  • instructor feedback on five assignments designed to help students practice writing into these four experimental forms

Registration opens Monday, February 20 at 9am.

I hope you’ll join us for what I know will be a fun and inspiring class. If you’d like more info, please get in touch with me any time!

Warmest regards,