Learn to empower your writing with narrative therapy principles

Centered In Your Power

The 5 Rs of Narrative Therapy Informed Storytelling

  • Understand what narrative therapy is and how it can support a healing process through storytelling
  • Uncover overlooked or forgotten aspects of your story that highlight your strength + resilience
  • Draft new work about your multi-storied life from a place of self-awareness + empowerment

Wednesday, June 19, 2024
10 am PT to 11:00 am PT

(a replay will be available if you cannot attend live)

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In this 60-minute workshop you will learn:

How narrative therapy principles can help you explore difficult subject matter (e.g. loss, mental health, illness or disability, violence and/or abuse and interpersonal trauma).

An intro to 6 empowering narrative therapy principles you can apply to writing autobiographical stories you’re proud to share.

How journaling and storymaking can be tools for healing + self-exploration but differ in 1 important way when processing trauma.

How to apply my 5 Rs of empowered storytelling to incorporate key details most writers neglect to include in their stories.

How to draft a time-saving narrative-therapy informed story summary before you sit down to write your next piece.

Ready to learn how narrative therapy principles can empower you to explore difficult story material?

(a replay will be available if you cannot attend live)

Who is this for?

New and experienced writers who want to…

  • Explore an empowered approach to writing and healing.
  • Set aside dedicated time to re-ignite creativity in a guided writing session.
  • Learn how narrative therapy principles can help safely explore vulnerable material.
  • Practice using the 5 R’s of storytelling to write new stories from a place of empowerment
Nicole Breit Portrait

Hi! I’m Nicole…

Award winning author and writing coach whose mission is to help writers unlock their stories, process their difficult experiences and create innovative work they’re excited to share with the world.

Widely published in Canada and the US, my poetry and creative nonfiction have appeared in Room, Brevity, The Fiddlehead, Pithead Chapel, Swelling with Pride: Queer Conception and Adoption Stories and Getting to the Truth: The Craft and Practice of Creative Nonfiction.

My award winning lyric essay “An Atmospheric Pressure” was selected as a Notable by the editors of Best American Essays 2017. I’ve been teaching writers how to craft powerful, publishable, award-winning work since 2017 when I launched my first online course. Passionate about the relationship of personal storytelling and healing, I earned my Foundations in Narrative Therapy Certificate from the Vancouver Narrative Therapy School in 2020.

I hope this workshop helps you discover how healing and empowering personal storytelling can be!


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“This was amazing. I found learning about how diaries are an open-ended conversation and how stories actually bring things to an end was so empowering! I didn’t realize how hard it is to come up with inner strengths and it was an important realization. Thank you so much!”

~ Lara

If you’re ready to shape your experiences into well-crafted stories…


(a replay will be available if you cannot attend live)