“I now have a creative choice and confidence.”

Writer: Danny O’Brien of Troy, Michigan

Course: Spark Your *Outlier* Story

Writing Challenge

I was struggling to learn flash essays; I wasn’t sure if there was a particular format and became lost in the writer’s abyss.

Solution: Spark Your *Outlier* Story

Nicole’s CNF course was offered in tandem with my frustration to present another aspect of writing to the market. Her class submerged me into the various structural formats for creative non-fiction.

Results & Takeaways

What I learned in Nicole’s Outliers e-course has transformed my approach to writing. I now have a creative choice over which style suits my particular story and confidence in sending pieces out for publication.

The Outliers course presented a great deal of insight into craft of essays I’d never heard of—Hermit Crab Essays and Braided Essays among them—with an abundance of pearls and examples, including Nicole’s own published works, and links to a plethora of various sources to aid my learning experience.

Recommended for . . .

. . . writers who value attentive personal feedback as they practice new skills.

Having taken various online writing workshops, Nicole has been more caring and helpful than any instructor I’ve worked with.

Well worth the time and investment for any aspiring writer!

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Spark Your *Outlier* Story is offered a few times a year. Space is limited to just 10 writers each session.

Visit the course landing page for upcoming scheduled sessions or get in touch with any questions.