The 5 W’s of the 555 Story Challenge

The 555 Story Challenge is for creative nonfiction writers (as well as memoir-curious poets and fiction writers!) who want to start and finish a handful of new stories in just 5 days - even if they’re feeling too busy, stuck, or uninspired to write.   Watch the...

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How To Write (Even If You’re Stuck/Busy/Tired)

Maintaining a consistent writing practice can be REALLY hard. Life is busy, and finding the time to write is something I struggle with, myself! Knowing how to write (even if you’re stuck/busy/tired) is an important skill for all creative nonfiction writers.  Now if...

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My First Writing Vlog✒️☕- A Fun + Productive Day!

As a CNF writer and a writing coach with a busy schedule, I want Fridays to be my self-care and writing days. But you know what they say about best-laid plans😭. Check out what happened and how I was still able to have a productive writing day in my first writing vlog....

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The Easy Way to Add Tension to Your Story

Tension is the key to a riveting story, am I right? In today’s video, I want to share a tip that will help you craft more empowered stories while bringing up the tension. Listen in as I talk about a particular kind of tension you need to include in a memoir of any...

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The One Thing Memoir Writers Never Do (But Should)

Do you know the ONE thing memoir writers never do - but if they did, it would immediately improve their stories? This video is all about a narrative therapy practice that will empower you to write a more compelling memoir. It’s what I like to call “radical retellings”...

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The Best Way To Improve Your Writing (It’s Free!)

How much would you LOVE a workshop where you’d learn the exact craft tools your favourite authors use to cast a spell over their readers? Listen up because today’s video is going to show you a super simple FREE way to learn ALL the tricks from the pros. Watch the...

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Creative writing instructor Nicole Breit.

I m Nicole Breit

  • Award winning poet and essayist residing on Canada’s gorgeous Sunshine Coast, the traditional territory of the Skwx̱wú7mesh people.
  • Creative writing teacher whose passion is to help writers discover new ways to shape their memories into well-crafted narratives.