Struggling to Write? The 3 Truths No One Talks About

Are you a creative writer struggling to overcome writer’s block? Perhaps trying, and failing, to get your stories on the page – even when following advice from the experts? It’s not your fault. In this video, I am breaking down the top three myths I had to unlearn to...

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Imagining our way out: anti-racism resources for writers

"[What gives me hope now is...] the writers who are coming into being during a time that threatens the very foundation of a world we like to think of as having progressed from the dark recesses of a bygone world. We are seeing so much of that illusion coming apart and...

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How I help life writers craft their best work

I love the work I do, helping brave truth tellers write their stories. And I love celebrating when writers are recognized for the work they produce in one of my classes -- when they get their first acceptance with a journal, their name on a contest...

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Everyone’s life is a story: A Q and A with Rita Pomade

  "What I learned in writing the book was that my life was a story. And by extension, everyone’s life is a story. It’s how you perceive it and the extent to which you’re reactive or proactive that can make it a more or less interesting story. And even...

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Writer, are you ready to meet your Genius?

"In Ancient Greece and Rome people did not happen to believe that creativity came from human beings. People believed that creativity was this divine attendant spirit that came to human beings from some distant and unknowable source. The Greeks...

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Case Study: Rachel Laverdiere

"I feel much freer as a writer now." Writer: Rachel Laverdiere of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Course: Spark Your *Outlier* Story & Spark Your *Visual* Story Big breakthroughs  A few years after taking my Spark Your Story courses, Rachel has nearly 40...

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My Arrhythmia Still Interferes: A Poem*

He wanted to speak telepathically but our arrhythmias muddled the signals. The sky at an impasse. Dark clouds heavy as an anvil but dazzling where they broke, backlit by the sun. I glanced at him sideways. Dark hair curling around his ears, a...

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Later I’ll Set Aside Sorrow: A Poem *

We want to believe in the great paradox – that Schrödinger was right about the cat, dead and alive at the same time. And I can stay in bed with a grief hangover; also on time for class. This morning foiled again, strong-armed to my bed by the same anemic dream. I...

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Creative writing instructor Nicole Breit.

I m Nicole Breit

  • Award winning poet and essayist residing on Canada’s gorgeous Sunshine Coast, the traditional territory of the Skwx̱wú7mesh people.
  • Creative writing teacher whose passion is to help writers discover new ways to shape their memories into well-crafted narratives.

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