In the new year I’m finally going to make my dream of teaching online happen! I’m currently developing a 6 week course on what I call “CNF outliers” — a look at unique forms in the creative non-fiction genre including flash non-fiction, the prose poem, the lyric essay and the hermit crab essay.

I’ve wanted to teach online for almost as long as I’ve been running my business (Sparrow’s five year anniversary is coming up this February). Initially I thought I might design courses about content marketing–more businessy topics–but now that I’m finally ready to jump in, I’ve decided I’d much rather teach creative writing. It’s a perfect way to combine my passion for creative non-fiction with my love for the personal and collective growth that comes with engaging with a writing community, and a nice way to get back into teaching.

If you’d like to dive in to a CNF online course in the new year, please get in touch and I’ll add you to my mailing list! You’ll be the first to know when registration for my online CNF course opens. I’m planning to launch the first CNF outliers e-course in early 2017.