Say goodbye to overwhelm and writer’s block

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Come away with 5 stories in 5 days with this free writer-tested challenge designed to help busy memoir writers like you

get unstuck and ignite your creativity

(and yes there will be prizes!)


You’re a memoir writer with stories to tell.

But you’re struggling to get through a draft these days, let alone finish a story you feel excited to share. 

You feel stuck in a rut and could use some guidance and inspiration.

You want to write, but are struggling to find the time. And when you do, you’re too exhausted to be creative.

Without accountability or support you aren’t making any progress and keep falling behind on your writing goals.

I get it.

That’s why I created the free 555 Story Challenge

Perfect for busy writers of memoir who struggle to find time for creative work and thrive with the accountability of deadlines.

➡️ Get new ideas, inspiration, and guidance via a mini-lesson each day to spark new stories.

➡️ Easily make time for your creativity by joining me for just 20 minutes each day

➡️ Set a new, achievable goal of starting and finishing 5 new stories in 5 days.

➡️ Write alongside new friends from all over the world with daily deadlines for accountability and tons of encouragement!

➡️ Celebrate your 5 new stories by sharing them in our private Facebook group!🎊 

Ready to write 5 stories on 5 themes in 5 days– 
with more ease, creativity, and FUN? 


When you sign up for The 555 Story Challenge, you’ll receive all the info you need to participate along with an invitation to join our private FB group.  If you’re not on Facebook, no worries. You can still join us!


  • Each day you’ll receive a brief mini-lesson on the day’s project via email.
  • You’ll write one 100-word story to be submitted by midnight. 
  • A winner will be selected daily to win one of our great prizes!
  • The best part? You’ll craft brilliant new stories alongside a supportive community of writers – and I’ll be cheering you on every step of the way!


The 555 Story Challenge will take place Monday, March 27 through Friday, March 31, 2023. The final prize will be announced on Saturday, April 1st!

Throughout the 555 Story Challenge you will have the chance to win:

small gift

A daily prize on Days 1 to 4 of the challenge:
A gift card for one special winner who submits their ‘story of the day’ before midnight PT. (Value $25 USD)

small gift

A special grand prize at the end of the week:
A 6-month subscription to the Scribbler Slim box to a writer who submitted a 100-word story for every day of the challenge! (Value $120 USD)

The clock is ticking, Writer. The time to act is now!

Nicole Breit

Hi, I”m Nicole


  • multi-award winning poet and essayist
  • contributor of craft articles for Hippocampus magazine
  • memoir writing coach whose superpower is helping writers achieve their literary dreams faster than they thought possible.

My work has been widely published in literary journals and anthologies including:

Room magazine logo, a creative writing journal.
Event magazine logo, a creative writing journal.
Room magazine logo, a creative writing journal.
Hippocampus logo, an online creative writing journal.
Event magazine logo, a creative writing journal.
The Puritan logo, an online creative writing journal
Hippocampus logo, an online creative writing journal.
The Puritan logo, an online creative writing journal

I am hosting this challenge as part of my mission to help as many writers as I can craft stories they’re excited to share with the world!

If you’ve been struggling to get any writing done or could just use some inspiration to generate some new work, I hope you’ll sign up for the 555 Story Challenge.❤️

It’s going to be a lot of fun. I can’t wait to see you there!