Say goodbye to overwhelm and writer’s block

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Come away with 5 stories in 5 days with this writer-tested challenge designed to help busy memoir writers like you

get unstuck and ignite your creativity

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You’re a memoir writer with stories to tell.

But you’re struggling to get through a draft these days, let alone finish a story you feel excited to share. 

You feel stuck in a rut and could use some guidance and inspiration.

You want to write, but are struggling to find the time. And when you do, you’re too exhausted to be creative.

Without accountability or support you aren’t making any progress and keep falling behind on your writing goals.


I get it.

That’s why I created the 555 Story Challenge

Perfect for busy writers of memoir who struggle to find time for creative work and thrive with the accountability of deadlines.

✏️ Get new ideas, inspiration, and guidance via a mini-lesson each day to spark new stories.

✏️ Dedicate time to your writing whenever it fits into your schedule, encouraging a flexible approach to nurturing your creativity.

✏️ Set a new, achievable goal of starting and finishing 5 new stories in 5 days.

✏️ Develop your writing independently, using the challenge as a personal accountability tool to meet your goals.

✏️ Celebrate your achievements and the completion of your stories, reflecting on the progress and skills you’ve developed.

 What happens when you sign up:


1. You’ll receive three emails

  • a thank you email with your receipt and log in details
  • an email with general information on what we’ll be up to in the challenge and why
  • your Day 1 Challenge email with a link to a video where you’ll tune into info on the day’s theme, a craft mini-lesson, a sample 100-word story, pre-writing exercise and your first project

2. Every day of the Challenge you’ll receive an email with a video, and each day you’ll follow the same format – learn about the theme, one craft element, a pre-writing exercise and details on how to write your 100 word story

3. On the last day of the Challenge I’ll share some special bonuses with you to help you maintain momentum and achieve your big writing goals!Each day of the challenge you’ll receive:

  • an email outlining the day’s theme with a link to access a pre-recorded video
  • a craft mini-lesson designed to help you improve your creative writing skills
  • a sample reading that exemplifies the day’s theme and features a key element of craft
  • a pre-writing exercise that will help you tap memory and generate key details for the day’s story challenge
  • details on your 100 word story challenge


You’ll also get some bonuses!

  • tips on how to publish your creative nonfiction
  • a curated lists of markets that publish 100 word stories
  • a free lesson on a sixth theme – The Bigger World – from my 12-month program, the Spark Your Story Lab
  • a special invite to join the Spark Your Story Lab and save $250 when you sign up!

Ready to write 5 stories on 5 themes in 5 days–
with more ease, creativity, and FUN? 



  • When you register for The 555 Story Challenge, you’ll gain lifetime access to all course materials on our learning platform. Each day, you’ll be prompted to write a 100-word story. You’ll have the flexibility to complete these at your own pace, using the resources provided to guide you through the challenge.



  • Each day, you’ll receive a brief mini-lesson on the day’s project via email to help guide your writing.
  • You are encouraged to write one 100-word story at your own pace. Enjoy the creative process and develop your storytelling skills!
  • The best part? You’ll craft brilliant new stories – and I’ll be cheering you on every step of the way!
Nicole Breit

Hi, I”m Nicole


  • multi-award winning poet and essayist
  • contributor of craft articles for Hippocampus magazine
  • memoir writing coach whose superpower is helping writers achieve their literary dreams faster than they thought possible

My work has been widely published in literary journals and anthologies including:

Room magazine logo, a creative writing journal.
Event magazine logo, a creative writing journal.
Room magazine logo, a creative writing journal.
Hippocampus logo, an online creative writing journal.
Event magazine logo, a creative writing journal.
The Puritan logo, an online creative writing journal
Hippocampus logo, an online creative writing journal.
The Puritan logo, an online creative writing journal

I am offering this challenge as part of my mission to help as many writers as I can craft stories they’re excited to share with the world!

If you’ve been struggling to get any writing done or could just use some inspiration to generate some new work, I hope you’ll sign up for the 555 Story Challenge.❤️