The world needs

Radical Truth Tellers

so let’s do it

let’s write our
barest, bravest, truest selves.

Hi, I’m Nicole…

And I help writers break through blocks and craft powerful creative nonfiction that gets published and wins awards.

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My mission is to help writers quickly craft powerful personal essays that get published and win awards – minus the fear, doubt and overwhelm.

When I launched my first online course in early 2017 I was a former elementary school teacher who had recently become a multi-award winning essayist. My goal was to help writers move past writer’s block, write into their difficult material and craft unforgettable work readers would love. All I needed to do was teach them everything I knew about the keys to powerful writing: process, form and craft.

I designed my first course and it created some big magic! Even writers new to the craft produced well-crafted innovative work that was accepted for publication and nominated for awards – like Rowan McCandless whose debut memoir Persephone’s Children: A Life In Fragments was sparked in my first class and was a finalist for the 2022 Governor General’s Award. Now Rowan and I collaborate on delivering the Spark Your Story Intensive, my 12-week program for writers working on an essay collection or memoir.

Nothing makes me happier than witnessing the amazing creative and career breakthroughs that happen for writers in my Spark Your Story programs. If you’re ready to take your writing to the next level and cut years off your learning curve, check out my programs below!


Learn With Me

Two 6-module courses for writers of all levels of experience who want a deep dive into the flash essay, prose poem, lyric essay, hermit crab essay, panel essay (diptych + triptych), visual essay and decentered hermit crab essay. Perfect if you’re seeking an entirely self-guided program that will inspire you to explore your material in new ways and quickly improve your craft.

An accelerated 12-month hybrid program for new + emerging writers who want to produce innovative creative nonfiction they can submit to contests and publications. Perfect if you need to move through an online program at your own pace but you’d also love to connect with a friendly and supportive community. Join us monthly for a fun and upbeat live write-in hosted by Nicole.

A 12-week synchronous program for emerging + seasoned writers who want to generate a portfolio of essays toward the completion of a long-form manuscript. Ideal if you’re looking for structure (i.e. weekly dripped lessons, assignment deadlines + micro-coaching), support from an experienced mentor and the opportunity to connect with other writers in a small cohort.

If you’re ready to add new tools to your creative toolkit, I think you’ll love Nicole Breit’s in-depth writing programs. Think joyful curiosity, rule-breaking, bringing your language into non-linear, visual forms you never thought of before… and writing your own personal stories as the beautiful outlier you are. Nicole Breit’s methods teach you how to use language with power (not force). This is masterful storytelling: learn how to write the inexpressible, integrate your personal experiences through your art, and share your story with others.

~ Sarah Selecky, author of This Cake Is For The Party and Radiant Shimmering Light

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